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The immigrant list

Fork me on GitHubI had some fun with a list that crossed my social media sphere.  It’s basically a rant against anti-immigration types that points to many “foreign” goods they might consume everyday.

While it’s very PC and OK to share, it didn’t stop me from picking it up and play around with it … for science.

Emscripten time

Lots of excitement here at Geekchef central. My first, visually appealing demo shamelessly copied from this most-excellent tutorial.  It’s an actual C++ program with SDL compiled with Emscripten.  No OpenGL/WebGL yet, but like always, it’s (working) tutorials like this that help you look more positively at some of the newer technologies out there.

Thank you, Sol.

(PS:  If you don’t see anything, you’re probably using an old browser or Internet Explorer.  Even IE 11 doesn’t show it.).


Just playing around with GL_LINES and shaders.  On a previous post, I got acquainted with glDrawArraysInstanced() but this time, I built a more solid environment around it, with colour, rotation and scaling options for each object.  So far, its actually pretty good for prototyping with primitives.  Now, I just need a better editor than just write code directly into the source. 🙂lines-thumb


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