Introducing myself to Mocaps

I landed on a host of tutorials on Motion capture (aka Mocaps).  It all  starts with these free motion captures files from the AACAD (Ohio State U.), then you take MakeHuman, a free tool for making realistic figures for rigging, then the rigging per say in Blender adding the Mocap animation data on top of it.  Finally, importing mesh and animation into UE4.  I’m still learning but I do believe my brain grew a millimetre today. 🙂

Creating a character in MakeHuman.
Rigging and animating the character with Mocap data.
Importing and animating in UE4.

    • ChappyOak
    • 09/11. 2014 8:33pm

    Can you tell me where these tutorials are located. I’ve been looking for some but have failed.

    • narc
    • 09/12. 2014 10:13am

    I’m usually more transparent with this. 🙂

    KingBadger3D’s tutorials were my primary source:

    But I also remember playing a lot with the Make Human settings. As for the files themselves, the male animations have known issues but the female ones worked well (search Google for the online comments and reviews from other people about these files). I found some additional files here:

    Rigging and Re-Targeting are the most difficult issues with mocap so don’t expect to make it work overnight for your projects. 🙂

    Good luck.

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