November 16th is “Tutorials day”

No it’s not.  But maybe I should do so declare it!

“Tutorials Day” is when everyone is invited to read / watch / listen to tutorials of their choice and do something useful or artistic with what they learned today.

I was pretty busy (as usual) neglecting the usual housework and laundry chores  (no surprise) in watching and reading many tutorials on OpenGL and Blender.  The goal for today was achieving texturing.  While I disclosed my boredom with spinning cubes in my last post, truth be told that texturing a cube is hard enough for the amateur artist that I am.  And so I ached over numerous tutorials on Blender texturing.  None of them really hit gold, but CGCookie had one that I particularly liked although I found that learning half of it was enough for my goal.

opengl_textured_cube_thumb     blender_cube_thumb

The real challenge isn’t about successfully following tutorials, it’s making sure this knowledge will scale up as the number of cubes (or characters or houses or cars) will start to grow if I want to make anything useful.  I think I’ll be up to the challenge on the OpenGL side of things.  But for Blender ?  Getting a good artist on board might be a smarter move.

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