OpenGL 4+ : the first steps

I got a little depressed when I felt the learning curve, going from OpenGL 2 to more recent versions. NeHe‘s tutorials are deprecated and the current titles in the book stores take too much time to get to the “real stuff”. Luckily, the person running this tutorial site (According to NeHe, this guy’s name is “Damien”) offers a wide range of lessons in “modern” OpenGL to kick start your apprenticeship.  Not that the bigger books aren’t important, but as a hacker, I always learned by focusing my interest on building cool stuff first, then I crack open a book like OpenGL Superbible or the famous “Red book” to understand the more technical details.

And it’s not just about OpenGL, but also how to interact with other popular software packages like Blender.  There’s a nice tutorial on how to program your own OBJ format loader.  This gives a huge boost of confidence on what you can achieve and it adds the possibility to play and have fun with your code instead of watching rotating cubes.

I like the NASA 3D Resources page where you can use models of rockets and other space vehicles. International Space Station ? No problemo.  Convert to OBJ and voilà.


Next step: texturing.

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