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Arduino: a board and a philosophy

I’ve been working at my new job for over a year and what’s really different from all my previous jobs is the close relation that I have now with hardware.  Of course, programmers use computers, which is primarily “hardware” but most of the hardware I use now is built on the spot.  And meeting all the tech guys that actually handle the hardware (both on the building and programming sides) is really interesting: I can peek into one’s microscope to see the boards up close, ask them questions about things that I never learned in programming classes, about compilers, peripherals and all sorts of hacks …  This got me a little more interested in building my own small electonic projects but I didn’t know where to start.

So one of my colleagues directed me to a fine website called Hack a Day, which, according to him, is a good start for an amateur like me.  They have all sorts of posts for beginners to look into, especially a great article on various development boards to choose from.  I heard a lot about the Arduino board, which claims to be “open-source”.  I got curious and read a little about it.  The site also featured this wonderful documentary on the Arduino: Yes!  Open-source hardware exists and it’s something that falls right into the kind of things I’m interested in. This documentary didn’t just give me some bits of information, it explained to me a philosophy; something, I believe, should always be a part of the art of programming.

Now I haven’t really used one yet, mind you. But this got me really interested on getting one very soon.

You can check out the documentary below (and use full screen) or check out for other viewing / downloading options.

Happy hacking.

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