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Hungry for Pi

Well, I got hooked today.  I found a little tech store down the street selling Raspberry Pis.  I couldn’t wait to try it.  I already had all the parts to hook it up (HDMI cable, USB keyboard and mouse, power).  It worked out of the box.  Movie playback isn’t that great as I would wish for and so is the sound (mono, on ALSA).  I wonder if it’s because I’m using a LED projector instead of a standard monitor / TV.  I guess I still need to read on the subject or maybe get myself pre-configured SD images such the one for the RetroPie Project or Raspbmc.  Anyways, it’s another great device to my too-big collection of computers / tablets at home.  If I haven’t already said it, I also owned a Sheeva plug for over three years now: still running strong streaming the News in Japanese from the NHK.  They were all the all rage when I got them.  Now, the ecosystem as changed so much in the last years, it’s hard to follow up on everything.

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