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Voxel Test

My first post in two years. o.O

So I’m testing a bit of code I encountered regarding procedural meshes, creating shapes directly into UE4 by just loading cube geometry from this nice little voxel program called MagicaVoxel.

Result is satisfying with little or no optimization.  But the real sore thumb is the lighting.  Dynamic lighting in UE4 creates darker shadows  (Sky Light doesn’t help, but I believe the tool is geared towards static meshes, not dynamic ones).  So I’m using 2 directional lights, one with shadows, the other without to bury the darkness.  But when objects are getting other meshes’ shadows, the darkness returns.  And generally, not just because of using 2 lights, the overall colours are a bit bland compared to the original.

Still it’s “workable”,  it doesn’t stop me from pursuing other goals.  I’m going to test either Perlin noise or Simplex noise to generate random terrain.

Magica voxel original.

Test in UE4


New network tutorial in C++

Fork me on GitHubIn my first post on Unreal 4, I got acquainted with Blueprint programming with a networked game tutorial. Today, I officially released a C++ version of this game.


Introducing myself to Mocaps

I landed on a host of tutorials on Motion capture (aka Mocaps).  It all  starts with these free motion captures files from the AACAD (Ohio State U.), then you take MakeHuman, a free tool for making realistic figures for rigging, then the rigging per say in Blender adding the Mocap animation data on top of it.  Finally, importing mesh and animation into UE4.  I’m still learning but I do believe my brain grew a millimetre today. 🙂

Creating a character in MakeHuman.
Rigging and animating the character with Mocap data.
Importing and animating in UE4.

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